faceLAB 5

About faceLAB 5

faceLAB 5 is Seeing Machines flagship eye tracking system. It offers users an unmatched level of flexibility without sacrificing accuracy. faceLAB is extremely customizable which enables eye movement measurement in a wide range of operational conditions, and offers researchers a level of portability for deployment in the lab, at off-site locations, and in the field.

Complete face and eye tracking in a single click

faceLAB 5’s hallmark Automatic Initialization feature provides one-click subject registration, allowing the user to easily and quickly generate data on:

  • Eye movement;
  • Head position and rotation;
  • Eyelid aperture;
  • Pupil size.

User-definable (1-9 point) calibration sequences allow further refinement of eye gaze data.

Powerful turnkey solution with unmatched flexibility

faceLAB 5 is a powerful turnkey solution that offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability for use in a wide range of experiment scenarios. faceLAB’s remote, non-contact tracking method ensures unobtrusive and naturalistic data collection. We offer a variety of options for data analysis and visualization, remote control operation, camera mounting and scene recording. Training is included with each and every system and using your specific requirements, our team can provide a solution for the most basic of applications through to multi-camera configurations.

Limitless configuration with options tailored to your study

faceLAB 5 is built for clients who want durability, versatility and the ability to customize deeper levels of research. It can be configured for almost any non-invasive research scenario imaginable, and includes portable options for your convenience. For customers undertaking experiments in vehicle or aerospace environments, whether simulated or real-world, we offer a purpose-built hardware platform for the unique requirements of these experimental conditions.

Our system boasts the ability to track user’s eye movements against interfaces and displays of similar or varying sizes, and faceLAB operates in both challenging real vehicle and simulator environments. faceLAB’s automotive pedigree has forged high tolerance of sunlight and lighting changes, and is built to handle most eyewear, including contact lenses.

Comprehensive 3D data generation and real-time analysis

With faceLAB 5 you can analyze data visually and statistically. Our market-leading 3D world model provides real-time visualization of eye-gaze position in a 3D world environment: measuring gaze interactions both on and off screen. In addition to real-time visualizations, immediate notifications can be transmitted (and used as triggers) when the subject’s point of gaze passes through user-definable regions of interest.

EyeWorks™ is natively integrated with faceLAB 5, allowing for the easy generation of heat-maps, bee swarm analysis and advanced eye-gaze analytics over video, still images, web pages and interfaces. And faceLAB 5’s freely available SDK allows you to feed your data into MatLab, SPSS or the statistical software of your choice, while you control your data at all stages.

Expandable head-box for greater tracking range

If you require a wider field of view, faceLAB 5 can be configured for additional cameras to expand the tracking range. This allows for large subject movements and analysis of eye gaze over a much wider area.